International Day Against Racism

The International Day Against Racism commemorates the Sharpeville (South Africa) massacre in 1960, in which 69 demonstrators were shot by the police and at least 180 injured. They demonstrated against racist pass laws and against apartheid.

2019: Don't allow racist laws!
The Federal Ministry of the Interior is currently delivering one mind-boggling idea after another. The latest is called the "Orderly Return Law" and is intended to drive refugees into poverty and illegality. The draft law cemented the two-tier judiciary, in which the rights, particularly fundamental rights, are severely curtailed by asylum seekers. You can find detailed information here.

We cannot accept that!
On the day, let's stand up against racism for what our friends in Syria, Eritrea, Iran and many other countries fought for - before they had to flee:
Freedom. Dignity. Equal rights.