Who we are – and what we want

Pro Bleiberecht (For the Right to Stay) is an anti-racist initiative that campaigns across the this part of Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) for the rights of asylum seekers. The group is particularly interested in making the perspectives of asylum seekers visible in public discourse and strengthening them.

The people who are active at Pro Bleiberecht share the following beliefs. We look forward to getting to know activists who want to fight with us for these ideals.

Pro right to stay stands for ...

... anti-racism

We actively work against racism in all its forms: on a personal, institutional and discursive level. We criticize paternalism. Paternalism is a form of racism in which white people / Germans make the decisions for people of color / asylum seekers. Pro Bleiberecht wants to work together on an equal footing. We are all in an ongoing learning process. We have to discuss, reflect on and overcome racism in this group.

No border! Pro Bleiberecht calls for open borders and global freedom of movement. We stand for the right to stay and go.

No nation! Nationalism is the root of racism and wars. We reject any form of nationalism. Instead, we want everyone to have a say in politics and to live a self-determined life. Each of us must take responsibility for this demand! We position ourselves against all oppressive forms of government, for example:

  • discriminatory minority governments like in Mauritania
  • authoritarian governments like in Turkey
  • authoritarian and patriarchal regimes like in Iran and Syria Monarchies such as in Saudi Arabia
  • illegitimate colonial borders that still exist today, as in Kurdistan and Morocco

... the consistent equality of all people

Pro Right to Stay is committed to human rights. We demand equality for asylum seekers and full access to civil rights. Of course, we are also committed to the rights of children. Children's rights are human rights.

Pro Bleiberecht fights for equality of all genders. We condemn all violence against women. We call for the right of women to live an independent life, including, for example, the right to contraception, the right to abortion and the right to divorce. We fight the discrimination of trans*inter*diverse-gender people. This includes legal equality, as well as basic rights such as the right to gender reassignment surgery.

We stand up against discrimination and violence against gays and lesbians. We demand equality in all legal matters!

We respect the beliefs of all religious people. Pro Bleiberecht stands for the separation of state and religion. We reject the suppression of individual freedom by religious organizations, for example compulsory veiling. We reject all religious violence, both against individuals (e.g. punishment or murder of atheists, converts or LGBTIQ*) and religious genocides (e.g. against the Rohingya in Myanmar last 2017 or the Yezidis in Iraq last 2014).

Anti-Semitism has grown out of religious hatred over the centuries. In Germany, due to the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, we have a special responsibility to remember and educate people against anti-Semitic prejudices and attitudes.

... grassroots democracy and anti-capitalism

Our democracy can be improved. Pro Bleiberecht sees the way to this, in that as many people as possible within flat hierarchies can have a say in questions that affect them. We call on all people to take responsibility for society. In the Pro Bleiberecht group, we implement this through the consensus principle and flat hierarchies.

Capitalism is based on domination, oppression and the exploitation of people and nature. Capitalism always has losers. In the present it is the poor and the exploited. In the future, it will be the following generations whose livelihoods we are destroying today. Criticism of capitalism is not the main focus of our work, but Pro Bleiberecht dreams of solidarity lifestyles and organizations, for example to produce goods in a cooperative and fair manner.

You share our ideas?

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