26th June: Manifestation at the International Day Against Torture

Persecution & Escape, Protection & Solidarity -
Manifestation at the International Day Against Torture

June 26, 1 p.m., Greifswald: In front of the Administrative Court (Domstraße 7)

On June 26th, human rights activists remember the struggles of friends and comrades who stand up for freedom and dignity worldwide. The day warns us to deal with the repression and the crimes of authoritarian regimes, to show solidarity and to be aware of the responsibility that we also bear here on the ground.

We therefore call for a manifestation in front of the Greifswald Administrative Court. The question of protection or deportation for people who have fled persecution and torture is often heard in this court. At the manifestation...

... activists have their say, reporting from different countries.
... we break the silence about the creeping torture that the asylum procedure means in Germany: From life in collective camps to bureaucratic procedures at the BAMF and in court to deportations.
... we stand united with friends and comrades for fair trials, for freedom and dignity.

Organisations calling for the manifestation: Greifswald hilft e.V. and Pro Bleiberecht in MV.

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