Manifestation: Stop racist Lockdown in Horst

On December 29th we held a spontaneous manifestation in front of the initial reception center Nostorf-Horst to protest against the racist complete lockdown of the camp. About 20 people have gathered in the parking lot in front of the facility. We expressed our solidarity with speeches in several languages.

Here you find our statement for the press.


Statement of someone living in Horst

The situation in Horst is very bad in general. There are two very important things, that are difficult for all of us:

1. The food in the cantine. The food is not very tasteful and we have to eat it again and again, repeatedly the same. Also some people will not feed their hunger with that food. If you go there and tell them, they will only give you two more slices of Wurst and Käse. The working staff there is often very unfriendly. They control our bags, if they are suspicious that we took food to the outside.

2. The medical care. We don't have a doctor here in the camp, only two nurses. What they tell us most is: "This is too expensive. We cant pay that treatment for you." The situation here is humiliating, as we expected that medical care would be available and a simple thing in Germany. One of that nurses refuses to speak english to us. But we dont understand German, because we are not here very long. So we do not understand, what she tells us.

Now in the Corona quarantine things become more difficult. The tension is rising, so some people cannot leave their rooms to avoid any trouble. But also sometimes its difficult with the people you share a room with. We are trying not to become sick, because in the real quarantine building its even more strict and more boring. 

They tell us, everyone here might be infected. They put us in quarantine, but still we have to work for them. It's refugees, who clean the toilets and also some people work in the kitchen. That doesn'nt make any sense, if we might be infected. So why they put us in quarantine?

Please, use my message anonymous. I don't want to get any trouble here. But the situation is bad and I feel like I have to tell someone.


What people in Horst already said 10 years ago

Why we make this manifestation

Dear friends and people living in Horst,


we are here today, because we want to express  our solidarity with you in this unbearable situation. This Lockdown of Horst is wrong. It is a racist procedure, that shows, how ignorant the responsible people are about the situation in Horst.


We want to show you, that there ARE people, who do not accept all the things here in Horst. Horst is far away and we have a higher risk of Corona these days, thats why we are only few people here. But be sure: Behind us are many people, who also do not accept this camp Horst. Now and in general.


Why the Shutdown is racist

Right now we can see very clearly the racist thinking of the authorities. 


They lock you up here in Horst, because there have been some cases of Corona inside. This would not be happening in other situations. For example: If there is a Corona case in a school class, they only send persons to quarantine, who had direct contact with the sick child.


You see, they are giving different rules for you than for other people in the society. This is, what we call racist on the one hand. 


On the other hand: Racism roots in the dehumanization of people. They start this in that moment, where they don't treat you like individuals. Where they put all of you under a general suspicion to be infected with corona - and not ask each single person, if he or she had close contact with an infected person.


Right now, with their general decree to lock you up in Horst they say: Everyone of you might be dangerous for the society outside spreading Corona. They give a higher value to the health of people outside than to your health. You are locked up within the risk. 


"Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity". This is written in the German constitution. 


We claim, that this fundamental right applies for everyone!
We claim: Transfer for all - not imprisonment for all!


Why nobody seems to care?

Read the full speech here


What needs to change

There are plenty things, that need to change. 

  • Horst has to be abolished in general!
  • The racist laws have to be abolished!
  • We need IMMEDIATELEY transfer for all of you!

To change this, we need to change our society first. 

  • We need to raise awareness for the situation of you people here! We will be happy if some of you decide to speak up and contact us after this manifestation.
  • We have to make sure, that the fundamental right of equality applies for everyone here - there are no exeptions and no excuses!
  • We need to find more ways to show solidarity for each other and speak up for injustice, also when it is not targeting us directly!
  • And last but not least: We have to understand, that we can only overcome racism, when we show unity! We can only be free, when every single person is free.