For the right to self-determination and freedom of all women*!

Unsere Forderungen in Solidarität mit geflüchteten Frauen sind:

Safe routes for refugees!

Access to protection and admission in German embassies!
Illigalized routes for refugees are dangerous and expensive. They are characterized by violence and exploitation. Women in particual are very often exposed to both in a sexualized form.
They opportunities to apply for humanitarian residence permits must be simplified.

Expand resettlement programs!
Resettlement programs are helpful for refugees in areas of crisis and conflit. They must actually be implemented. They affected persons must be able to decide themself in which country they want to seek refuge. Admission programs must not be privatized.

Admission programs by federal states must be expanded!
The federal ministry must give its unconditional consent to states' admission programs.

Stop all push backs on European borders!
Push backs are deadly. They make it much more dangerous for people to cross borders. Be it on the Mediterranean Sea, on the internal borders of Europe or, like these days, in Belarus: People have the right to apply for asylum, they can't be denied that right by state forces and the police. Human rights observers and relief organizations must have access to border regions.

Abolish Dublin!
The burocratic Dublin system does not make any sense, and takes away the self-determination of refugees regarding their destination. The Dublin system is especially harmful to women/FLINTA*, for example if they have to escape to another EU country from forced prostitution, or because of family violence.

Until Dublin is abolished: Enforce relocation!
Within the EU, it's the border countries who have to deal most with the admission of whose applying for asylum. This means precarious housing conditions in hotspots, both during and after the asylum process. Those people who are relocated should be able to choose their country of destination.

Enable uncomplicated family reunification, for real!
Family reunification for refugees must by fast and uncomplicated. Months-long waiting periods for the acceptance of documents or DNA tests unnecessarily endangerouses those waiting for family reunification – the vast majority are children in a dangerous environment.

Commitment to safe routes instead of forcing people to return!
At the moment, German asylum policy pushes border control and deportation centres further away towards of the European borders or pass-through-countries out of Europe. Those policies are hurtful to the refugees: They are forced to return, and by that once again exposed to the dangers on the escape route and in their home countries. We need legal routes for refugees and a political commitment for safe escape routes.

Those reasons for flight that are gender-related, or are specific for women or LGBTIQ* persons must be fully recognized!

The true social conditions must be recognized – both in a refugee's home country as well as in EU countries during the Dublin process!
Decissions of the BAMF and the courts are regularly based on incomplete information about the real conditions in the countries of origin. The existence of protection systems is simply presumed or is exaggerated, like the access to women's shelter houses or the influence of women's rights organizations in some countries. The characteristics of post-colonial societies, in which burocracy and government have limited influence on society, must be recognized.

German asylum authorities must adjust the pratice of questioning!
The pratice of questioning by the BAMF is insensitive towards traumas and experiences of violence. The BAMF has to educate all interrogators on the handling of traumas. In particular, the challenging of experiences of violence (Gaslighting) and the victim blaming (f.e. „Why didn't you leave your country earlier?“) must stop. The right of every asylum seeker to an interrogator and a translator of their own gender must be implemented, in particular for intersexual, transsexual and non-binary persons. The BAMF has to inform asylum seekers about counselling centers for sexual violence, forced marriage and other forms of violence, if those are mentioned during the interview.

Right to stay for women/FLINTA* who are victims of violence, aside from the aslym process if nessecary!
Even if someone doesn't get protection according to BAMF guidlines, a women/FLINTA* who is a victim of violence must get a permanent residence permit. This is the first step towards liberation from patriarchal exploitation through their husbands, as well as through forced labour.

Perspectives for a right to stay instead of Duldung!
Toleration residence permits are psychologically destroying people. Since during the last years more and more sanctions have been applied to the toleration status, it has become an „invisible prison“. German migration policy needs to focus on opening up perspectives for asylum seekers, instead of deportation and isolation.

Special needs of women/FLINTA* refugees must be adressed!

Legal councelling and information!
Councelling structures and the legal representation which is insufficient must be expanded: There must be truly independent legal advice during the asylum process, such independent coucelling can not be executed by the BAMF. Any encouragement to return to the home country must be kept out of the councelling, instead the advice must focus on possibilities to stay. Authorities and camp operators must refer to those support networks outside the camp and make access possible.

Close down the camps!
Decentralized housing means self-determination. As long as there are refugee camps, at least a) it must be possible for the residents to lock their rooms whenever if they choose, and inviolability of the apartment must always be guaranteed by operators and authorities, b) kids must get their own rooms, c) there must be common rooms especially for women, d) the safety of women in the accomodations must be guaranteed.

Empowering single mothers!
Single mothers and their children can be empowered when they have access to regular daycare facilities and schools – no special facilities inside the camp. Qualified child care strenghens the kids and gives single mothers the time to recover from what they have gone through.

Improve medical and psycho-social care!
Real access means regular health insurance including an insurance card, and an end to the disriminatory reality of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. Psychosocial consulting servives for refugee women must be expanded and financially secured in the long term. Asylum seeking women must my taught pro-active and in multiple languages about their access to those services. They translating facilites of medical doctors must be expanded.

Access to participation within society!
At the moment asylum seekers are systematically excluded from society. This can be changed if every asylum seeker at least gets regular social benefits as well as access to German language courses, work, school education and professional training. Access to recreational activities, like sports and culture, must be supported instead of restrained. Supporters must have free entry to refugee camps. Qualified social workers must help refugees with the orientation in a new environment.