400 people suporting Refugees in Horst

On June 16, PRO BLEIBERECHT and others celebrated a party with around 400 participants in front of the Nostorf-Horst arrival center. The manifestation with a summer party character was a complete success. We were able to establish contact with the asylum seekers in the arrival center, some residents took the floor and the broad alliance made it clear how many people are critical of the CDU / CSU / SPD government's insane delusion.

The demands we made to the politics are:
No more isolation and forced accommodation of asylum seekers in mass accommodations like Nostorf-Horst!
Immediate improvement of the conditions in the arrival facility!
An end to the stressful and grueling deportations!
Stop "AnkER-Centres"!

We are particularly pleased that some residents of the facility used the opportunity to tell about the stressful everyday life there. We were very moved by the reports.

We thank everyone who took part in the organization of the rally:
BUND Jugend Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the project Jugend kommt an from the Landesjugendring MV, the refugee aid Schwerin, the Komplex Schwerin, the Hamburg Refugee Council and the Horst-AG Hamburg.

We also thank the speakers:
All residents of the facility who have spoken, Nina - Women in Action, Member of the Landtag Karen Larisch and the Refugee Council Hamburg / Horst-AG. In addition, of course, to everyone who made possible with their translations that hopefully everyone could understand everything.

We would like to thank all 22 initiatives and many individuals who offered information stands and programs or who previously advertised the rally:
LSVD MV, Landjugend MV, Hof Ulenkrug, Cafe 3K Demmin, Paulskirchenkeller Schwerin, complex Schwerin, refugee aid Schwerin, Mary Jane and the Baltic Sweet Jazz Orchestra, mob.Kitchen Rostock, inner city community Rostock, Rostock helps, Greifswald helps refugees, clowns without borders, Welcome United, the Falken Lüneburg, open consultation hours Lüneburg - Medical Help, No Border Academy Lüneburg, Nina - Women in Action, Hamburg Refugee Council, Horst-AG Hamburg, Queer Refugees Hamburg, Falken Hamburg.

The NDR reported in the Nordmagazin. The SVZ as well. You will soon find pictures at Bildwerk Rostock.

We will again organize a summer party in front of Horst in 2019. Until then, there is a manifestation in front of the facility once a month. You can find the dates here.

"Break isolation! Against exclusion and isolation! ” remains our motto. We look forward to all contributions and ideas that you would like to take with you! Just write us an email.