You have questions on the asylum procedure and the law for asylum and residence? PRO BLEIBERECHT wants to give support in this field. We give advice for Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, supporters, volunteers and profressionals concerning these topics:


  • questions on the asylum procedure
  • preparation of the interview
  • Dublin-procedure and church asylum
  • chances on residence permission besides the asylum procedure
  • family reunion and humanitarian residence
  • payment by Sozialamt ("Asylbewerberleistungen")
  • working permissions
  • residence permission
  • general problems with Sozialamt and Ausländerbehörde

Advice in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rostock &


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Greifswald & Area Around

Greifswald hilft Geflüchteten

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Visits in all Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

With the mobile "advice-bus" PRO BLEIBERECHT comes for a visit in areas, where people have not a lot of chances on consultations. Write us to find appointment and invite your friends and neighbours.

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Useful Websites

Following we list some Websites, that provide useful information. Not all of them are available in english.
Database with court deciions and judgments in asylum and residence law. Collection of information sheets and hints. Mainly German.
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Advice for victims of racist, right-wing extremist or antisemitic attacks and violance.
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Asyl in Deutschland
Information about the interview in several languages
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Queer Refugees
Information about the asylum procedure and interview for Lesbian, Gay, Inter, Trans and Queer Refugees
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Information for people with Trauma
Audio files with basic information and exercises in several languages
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Asyl in Deutschland
Information about the Interview in several languages
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