Redebeitrag zum 1. Mai in Rostock

Am 1. Mai haben wir bei der Demo in Toitenwinkel einen Redebeitrag gehalten. Wir dokumentieren ihn hier.

Hello. I am here today for Pro Bleiberecht. The reason why I am here today is, that I know that we all deserve a good life and a good salary. We all deserve to work less and get paid more.

Just imagine: We are at work 9 hours a day. We have around 1 hour for the way to work. And of course we must sleep 8 hours. So we only have 6 hours left for cooking, showering, cleaning and to be with our family. For people with children it is even harder.

So we have to get together and fight for our right to live! We need to work less. We are not robots. We can make these changes only, when we support each other. Corona pandemic has been a really good lesson for all of us to understand how much the humans depend on each other.

I want to tell you a little bit about the situation of Refugees concerning money, especially those in the first camps (Ankunftszentren).

  • They get around 120€ from Sozialamt every month.
  • People tell me very often, how hard it is to take a lawyer for the asylum procedure with that money.
  • For the work inside the camps ("Flüchtlingsintegrationsmaßnahmen") Refugees get 80 Cent per hour.
  • When they refuse to do that work, they will lose the 120€ Sozialleistungen. Their life is super hard.

I also want to tell you about the situation of Refugees in the second camps (Gemeinschaftsunterkünfte in den Kommunen).

  • They get around 350€.
  • Already before the rising prices now it was hard to live with 350€ per month.
  • Now it's, of course, really more harder than before. Everything is more expensive.

Why did social money and salaries not get more? Isnt't it clear, that we have to get paid more, when we have to pay more than before? Why should we have to live poor?

When you look at society, you will understand, that everyone from all over the world needs this change, especially the workers and the Refugees.

But what happens, if we just sit and wait for the world to change? Nothing.

When we don't try, nothing will change. When we don't say anything it looks like we are satisfied with this situation.

So let's be together!
Let's try together to change this hard situation!
Let's be the change, that we want to see in the world!

Bild: Bildwerk Rostock